About Discopolis

Discopolis began life as a record label committed to housing the finest collection of Disco and Deep & Soulful Vocal House music. Established in 2009, the brand was founded and fronted by House music DJ and producer, Carl Hanaghan, who possessed an intrinsic desire to create a label with its own unique sound. Taking inspiration from the soulful sound of the deep underground, Carl injected a strong set of core principles into the heart of Discopolis which underpinned its strong brand identity and dictated the direction the brand was to take in its early days.

By 2011, Discopolis soon developed an impressive catalogue of records which in turn gave the brand a unique imprint that was to be trusted by thousands of DJs and producers worldwide. Releases from the likes of Husky, Richard Earnshaw, Inaya Day and Carl Hanaghan himself gave the brand instant credibility and truly set the benchmark for the brands deep and soulful sound. As the label approached its 6th year, 2015 marked a significant turning point as it was acquired by Six15 Artist Management. A move which added a new dimension to the brand with the introduction of an established roster of international live artists and DJs who would not only continue to produce music for the label but also tour the world on uniquely co-ordinated international shows.

Conceptualised by the three new partners, Carl Hanaghan, Daniel Smith and Tom Lormor, Discopolis was given a fresh new vision and brand identity synonymous with the same creativity and authenticity that had earned it much respect since its inception. Discopolis development from a music label to a global music and lifestyle brand with a unique sense of style and sophistication has been nothing short of impressive. Not only is Discopolis still the home of the finest selection of Disco, Deep and Soulful Vocal House music but it now stages the most impressive live shows using their roster of handpicked DJs and live artists. This is Discopolis.

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